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Rebecca Anderson, Vali Sonny Bari, Monica Brockenbrough, Al Burgo, Lee Burkett, David Burl Jr., Alexi Camille Capasso, Bern Cohen, Joe Fiorello, Timmy Gregory, Laetitia Gucci, Max Hambleton, Salieb Jemal, Soraya Kelley, Hernan Lucero
The lives of three individuals, an Afghan Jungian-psychoanalyst, a party-animal-turned-nun, and a mentally disturbed young man cross paths and collide. Their experiences with belief intertwine to create a gripping story of how a mixture of faith and abuse can splinter a fragile mind. The film leads us through three stories concurrently with segments from present, past and future; dreams and surreal fantasies. Adam tries to lead a normal life as a landscaper, yet he cannot escape his troubled and tormented past. Dev, Adam's best friend convinces him to rectify his troubled past and questions of faith through violence or even murder. Mary was a party-girl in the past, until her experience with a GHB (liquid ecstasy) overdose leads her to a spiritual awakening. Now she has joined the church as a nun in the community where Adam and Dr. Azaad live. Dr. Azaad, one of Adam's landscaping clients, embodies the two themes of the film. As a psychologist, he notices symptoms of Adam's ...
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