Watch Persona 3 the Movie: #4 Winter of Rebirth Online
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Tomohisa Taguchi
The season changes to winter. Makoto makes a decision in order to greet the spring that is waiting beyond.
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The ads are fucked ma
August 18, 2016 - 09:48 AM
The ads on this site are malicious. Every time I have tried in the last year the site sends me to locked down browser(many many times) That want you to call microsucks (not the real Microsoft). I thought about trolling those assholes They are the ones making ransomware crap that newbs always seem to get. The rest of the ads are God awful abrasive shit that looks like the page and wants you to click but it sends you on your merry way to god knows where but it entails you giving money and you have to get out of that to see the page then you click again it puts up a full page ad and sends up another tab for you to do it again while that one runs in the background using up bandwidth. While this is a true movie site it doesn't punish the uploaders who throw so much crap in front of the link I have to label malicious.So fuck no I'm not ever cutting off my ad blockers so 9000 pages can pop up at the same time. That shit is fucking insane man. Just my rant as I spent 30 minutes trying to get
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